How Digital Lending Service Hoopla Brings Libraries Into Internet Era

Forbes: “Libraries and their digital offerings are one of the most overlooked segments of the ebook industry. Hoopla, one of the digital lending services allowing libraries to offer ebooks and other digital content, has helped drive the unassuming library ebook to success in over 1,600 public library systems. Hoopla Digital’s goal is to enable instantaneous and simultaneous access to library content: By cutting out the waiting period, digital lending services like Hoopla can offer a library user experience with the addition of a little internet-era instant gratification. As a result, the promise of public service that libraries are built on can become even more relevant to an online generation. And with Hoopla’s app, any of the 619,220 titles the service currently provides is just a simple click away.  Hoopla is the digital arm of Midwest Tape, a lending service that has helped stock libraries with physical media like…

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