How Can You Invest in Your Client Relationship?

Back when I was practicing law,  we held a client roundtable discussion as a kick-off for our Construction Law Practice Group retreat.  Five of our clients’ in-house lawyers came to Dallas to share their ideas with us.. We had the opportunity to ask questions and get their candid responses. I asked: What is most effective way we can, at our expense, invest in our relationship with you?GC Client 1: Provide memos explaining new court cases that would affect our business.GC Client 2: Don’t charge for learning about our company.GC Client 3: Willingness to help train, share forms and answer simple questions without opening a file and recording time.GC Client 4: Meet with us and find out what we need.GC Client 5: Coming back after completion of a project and asking for feedback. The post How Can You Invest in Your Client Relationship? appeared first on Cordell Parvin Blog.

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