How Can an Innovative National IP Office Balance Its Roles as Technology Examiner and Technology Developer?

IP Australia incorporates the Australian Patent, Trade Marks, Designs, and Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) Offices, the core ‘business’ of which is to provide services to their ‘customers’ in respect of the administration and registration of Australian IP rights.  Indeed, IP Australia may be seen as a significant ‘exporter’ of such services considering that, for example, over 90% of applicants for Australian patent rights are foreign residents, as are over 50% of applicants for design registrations and PBRs.  In respect of its core services, IP Australia holds a true monopoly – no other government or private sector service provider can grant, or otherwise administer, enforceable IP rights in Australia.  IP Australia operates these services on a cost-recovery basis, i.e. it aims to fully recover the costs of service-provision through the official fees that it charges to its ‘customers’.The scare quotes…

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