How Can a Business Law Attorney Help My Business?

There are two professional services that virtually every business owner will need the help of: an accountant and a lawyer. An accountant is an obvious choice because they can help you keep your books straight and keep things in order for tax time. But a business lawyer is something that may not be as apparent for many small business owners. So, how exactly can a business lawyer help you in terms of your business? Corporate Structure and Governance One of the first and most important decisions a business owner will face is how to structure their business entity. This decision can have significant implications for the way the business will be taxed and ultimately, determine the legal liability for the business owner or business partners. An experienced attorney can analyze the business and determine the ideal structure, whether it is a partnership, LLC, S-Corp, or C-Corp, and help you understand the ramifications of these decisions. Intellectual Property Many businesses fail to…

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