How An Attorney General Should Act (and Monicas Mad)

Another man who could and should be the next* Attorney General of the United States, James B. Comey, came to Capitol Hill yesterday and showed why. The former Deputy Attorney General, who worked at the Justice Department from 2003 to 2005, testified before the House Judiciary Committee and showed precisely the sort of candor and leadership that is lacking from the current Attorney General. In his little finger the Republican Comey has more respect among lawmakers and lawyers, and more integrity and independence, than Alberto Gonzales has in his whole body. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Justice Department managed to tick off former high-ranking official Monica Goodling and her attorneys by going public with allegations against her (allegations that she broke the law by giving out jobs based upon political affiliation) before notifying Team Goodling about the matter as a professional courtesy. Given how vital Goodlings testimony will be–

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