Hotel Waterpark in Casselton North Dakota Linked to Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak

Three people have been infected with Legionnaires’ Disease after visiting a hotel’s indoor waterpark in Casselton, North Dakota.  The three people were diagnosed with Legionnaires’’ Disease between January 2018 and January 2019. Here’s what you need to know about the Governors Waterpark Casselton Legionnaires Disease Outbreak. Water samples were collected from the water park in January and February.  Legionella bacteria was found in at least two water samples, including one water sample taken from a spa filter.  Following the test results, the hotel drained its spa.  The spa has been closed until further notice. Legionnaires’ Disease is caused by inhaling water vapors or mists that have been contaminated with the Legionella bacteria.  Spas have the potential to spread Legionnaires’ Disease.  The temperature of spas can provide ideal breeding conditions for Legionella bacteria.  And small water…

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