Hotel Lawyer on the fiduciary, contractual and agency duties of hotel brokers – Host Hotels & Resorts LP v. Molinaro Koger litigation

By Jim Butler and the Global Hospitality Group® Hotel Lawyers | Authors of 15 August 2011 Hotel Lawyer on brokers, agents fiduciary duty and charges of trust betrayed as laid out in the high-profile lawsuit of Host Hotels & Resorts against Robert T. Koger (personally) and his brokerage firm Molinaro Koger, Inc. I was recently interviewed by Jason Freed of HotelNewsNow (a division of Smith Travel Research) about three high profile lawsuits in the hospitality industry. One of these cases was Host Hotels & Resorts v. Robert T. Koger. In this litigation, Host Hotels & Resorts sued a number of defendants, including Rob Koger and his firm, Molinaro Koger, for breach of fiduciary duties, breach of contract, fraud and other serious claims. Lawsuits between sellers and brokers are not particularly common in the hospitality industry. And lawsuits alleging fraud are even less common. One of the reasons I enjoy working in the hospitality industry is the optimism, openness and collegiality that exists throughout the hospitality community. Developers, owners, operators, lenders, brokers, lawyers, consultants, advisors, trade media — we all depend upon each other. Although I am a rigorous advocate for my client's position in negotiations, there is an understanding, including with those on the "other side", that we are working together for the success of making the deal or completing the project.

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