"HOOHA may appear in the dictionary with the definition that you see in the clue…"

"… but I can tell you that is not how that 'word' exists in most people's minds in 2019. I wanted HOOPLA and honestly considered the possibility that I'd have to cram two letters into one box somewhere in there."Writes Rex Parker about today's NYT crossword, which clued "hooha" as "Big to-do." Anyway… my dictionary, the unlinkable OED, defines "hooha" with one meaning only, "A commotion, a rumpus, a row." Historical examples include:1931 Punch 14 Oct. 402/1 The devil of a hoo-ha in the papers about increasing the demand for English-grown corn….1944 ‘N. Shute’ Pastoral ix. 206 There's a bit of a hoo-hah on about your tea-party….1971 Country Life 27 May 1328/2 Some of these lovely irises may..be grown..successfully without much hoo-ha.Then there's the unique usage by T.S. Eliot (in Sweeney Agonistes (1932)): "When you're alone in the middle of the night…

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