Honolulu's Sidewalk Obstruction Prohibition Goes Island-Wide

Honolulu's homeless problem is a tough nut to crack. There are no easy answers. People have rights, even if that means they have the freedom to live outside. But when a walk out the door of your downtown office becomes an exercise in dodging human waste, poor unfortunates in various stages of mental illness or addiction, and you pray for rain to wash away to odor, it really crystallizes what that that freedom sometimes means.   So we follow the legal issues — not because we have any dog in the hunt — but from the perspective of an interested citizen, wondering where this is going. Reporter Gordon Pang, in today's Honolulu Star-Advertiser has a piece "City lawyers work hard to ensure sidewalk bills will withstand challenges" about the City's latest efforts to do something. We were asked for our thoughts on two bills, one dealing with an island-wide prohibition on obstructing a sidewalk from 6am – 10pm, the other which would prohibit…

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