Holiday Drug and Alcohol Abuse: The Startling Statistics and What You Need to Know

While the holidays are a festive time for many, they can also be a challenging time for the most vulnerable, as well as a time of increased dangers from drug and alcohol abuse. Partygoers frequently abandon good judgment when it comes to overindulging; recovering addicts face increasing incidents of temptation and triggers; and many get behind the wheel while under the influence, endangering others. Let’s look at some of the numbers surrounding holiday drug and alcohol abuse, and what you need to know to stay safe. Drug/Alcohol Holiday Statistics December has been the deadliest month year after year for drug- and alcohol-related deaths since 1999. (Source: Twenty-eight percent of people surveyed said they consume more alcohol during the holidays. (Source: Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, two to three times more people die in alcohol related crashes than at other times of the year. Forty…

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