High schools should teach family law basics

I read the above headline today in Canadian Lawyer magazine.  The author, Sara Tatelman, puts forward the premise that high school students should receive some basic family law decision curriculum in grade 10, arguing that since Ontario has determined to include some basic financial education curriculum, "making informed romantic decisions that carry enormous legal and financial repercussions is just as important." I have often thought about this idea – that high school students should all receive basic financial and life-skill education, but I hadn't thought about covering the basics of family law.  Some good topics might include:1. What are the implications of marriage as opposed to a common-law relationship?2. Will you be able to survive upon separation from a spouse?  Spousal support and child support.3. How do you protect your property upon entering a cohabitation relationship?4. Are pre-nuptial agreements a good idea?5. What happens…

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