Helping Future Citizens Navigate an Automated, Datafied World

Bennett Moses, Lyria, Helping Future Citizens Navigate an Automated, Datafied World (January 1, 2019). UNSW Law Research Paper No. 19-28. Available at SSRN: “If there is one thing everyone has an opinion on, it is education. Everyone has been to school and many people go on to have opinions on the experiences of their children. I am therefore conscious that I am neither a school principal nor a teacher, but rather stand at a unique point in the broader education system. In particular, I teach tertiary students enrolled in a law degree and conduct research at the intersection of law and technology. One subject I teach is practical – how to design expert systems and run a small technical project for a not for profit to improve access to justice. This requires students to think about technical solutions to assist in resolving a practical challenge in access to justice (navigating complex information, under-resourced centres,…

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