Help For Family Members of Cruise Ship Accident Victims

The following is an actual inquiry we received from a family member who was reaching out to our firm. They wanted to find out what they should do after their mother was involved in a fall aboard a cruise ship. I’m contacting you on behalf of my mother who suffered a fall on a cruise liner. She was seen at the ship’s infirmary where she was given medication for initial pain. Just a little over one month after the incident, she continues to have some pains in her left arm and back area. She has since seen her primary care and has had a MRI revealing that symptoms were incurred from her fall. I would like to request a consultation at earliest convenience. Inquiries like this are very common. Often, an elderly passenger who suffers an injury due to an accident while on a cruise is not able to communicate as they would like. Family members help them, arranging medical visits and care. They will also help their parents by contacting a personal injury attorney to see…

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