The Healthcare Agency that offers a better chance for emerging nations

Did you ever thought that each and every day more than 30, 000 children die of diseases that might have been avoided or even cured? Indeed, every day we are consumed by a multitude of shallow “stuff” which divert our attention from the fact that within a short distance from us there are people who die because of our ignorance and their respective governments as well. Diarrhea, acute respiratory diseases, measles and malaria and other huge epidemics represent the main problems that cause the death of millions of children under five years old annually.

Fortunately, there are people who understood they have to join efforts in addressing global health needs and stop chronic and communicable disease rates from climbing. UNHCO is an international organization committed to global development of medical care as well as preventive health care for emerging nations. It is a healthcare agency dedicated to the objective of combating the negative impact caused by a defective medical care and by the population explosion. The most impoverished countries of the world lack clean water, sanitary facilities, sufficient food and adequate medical care thus UNHCO implements a string of projects worldwide in order to combat all these problems and to offer the opportunity of a decent living for emerging nations. In spite of the scientific and technological developments enjoyed by human society, there are still many nations which do not have access to education and this is the root of many problems such as infectious diseases which affects deprived population. Therefore, the healthcare agency not only that provides, disseminates and pays for adequate medical care, clean water, sanitary facilities and food, but it is also focused on training medical specialists who then will be able to support individuals in fighting against poverty and diseases.

The innovation plays an essential role in addressing global health needs thus UNHCO joined “The Health for All” movement which is based on the concept of social justice. This means that the healthcare agency promotes and fights to implement the concept of socially just distribution of food, water, livelihood opportunities, human dignity, human rights and medical care. In this train of thoughts, the UNHCO agenda covers four main points or strategic directions. First of all, the healthcare agency is committed to promote development through a series of programs and projects designed to improve the health status in third world countries as well as to educate and encourage the population to take responsibility for their health control. The individual health, community health, strengthening national health systems, partnerships and cooperation and capacity for health promotion represent the five points of the initiative to promote developments. The second direction of UNHCO is to offer health action in crisis which mainly they are committed to protect poor and marginalized citizens by opening hospitals worldwide and providing the needed aid in situation of crisis and disasters. Moreover, the healthcare agency is engaged in health education in the health sciences which in the end leads to health development and funding for this can influence public health. Providing the required learning experiences they manage to help individuals acquire information and to use it in order to combat certain diseases. The fourth curse of action is represented by the health systems thus UNHCO supports the development of national health systems and enables the alignment of local programs and projects in order to provide an easier access to medical care in emerging nations.

UNHCO is engaged with a number of issues that are intrinsically connected to the health and it takes strategic actions to ensure better health for deprived population in emerging nations providing them the opportunity to align to better living standards.

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