Health and Human Services Commission Allocating $47.7 million to Improve State Hospital System

According to HHS, in order to begin improving the state’s inpatient psychiatric care system which provides care for adults, adolescents and children, a total of $47.7 million will be allocated to renovate and architecturally plan for the replacement of existing facilities as well as plan and design a new hospital. The funding is part of $300 million approved by the 85th Texas Legislature to improve the state hospital system in the 2018-2019 biennium) Projects to be funded and implemented include: renovation projects to expand capacity at the Kerrville and San Antonio State Hospitals; the architectural planning and design of a new hospital and continuum of care campus in Houston; the architectural planning and design of two new 100-bed units at Rusk State Hospital; the planning for the total replacement of Austin and San Antonio State Hospitals. In the fiscal year 2018, HHS will begin the first phase of construction and other changes designed to: Enhance the…

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