Has Europe turned into the Eastern District of Texas? New study shows NPE activity has risen 19% year-on-year

Are the rain clouds of US NPE litigation gatheringover Europe and will Brussels act?  Does Europe have a patent troll problem? It depends on who you ask and if you think trolls, non-practicing entities (NPEs) or patent assertion entities (PAEs), or whatever you call them and however you define them, are a "problem".  No matter what side of the fence you happen to be on, there has not been any empirical evidence to prove or disprove that notion.  Anecdotal evidence has mostly been relied on, but unless you are running a political campaign in 2016, anecdotal evidence can only take you so far. That is about to change…The AmeriKat is in Brussels this evening for the launch of a new study by Darts-IP at the European Parliament which investigates and analyzes the prevalence and trends of patent litigation by NPEs (the term deployed by the study, see below) in courts across Europe and at the European Patent Office (EPO). Ever since the proposals…

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