Haptic Feedback Patents: Some Survive Eligibility Challenge by Fitbit

Immersion Corp. v. Fitbit (N.D.Cal. March 5, 2018) On 12(b)(6) motion for dismiss, Judge Koh has thrown out some of Immersion’s asserted claims covering various haptic feedback approaches. However, some claims survived: Invalid as Abstract Idea (claims from U.S. Patent No. 8,638,301):  27. A system comprising a processor configured to: receive a first sensor signal from a first sensor, the first sensor configured to detect a movement of a first mobile device; receive a second sensor signal from a second sensor, the second sensor configured to detect an interaction with the first mobile device; receive a first data signal from a network interface, the network interface configured to receive signals transmitted by a second mobile device; determine a change in a display signal based at least in part on the first data signal and the second sensor signal; determine a haptic effect based at least in part on the first data signal; and outputting [sic] the haptic effect.…

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