Happy 'IP and Sports' World IP Day!

To all IPKat readers, happy World Intellectual Property Day! As WIPO’s theme this year is Reach for Gold: IP and Sports, Katfriend Andrea Rossi has thought of some examples that show the level of protection that IP provides in the sports sector. As readers know, athletes are not the only protagonists. Patents, trade marks and licensing agreements (among other things) also play an important role.Here's Andrea's sport potpourri:Techno-trainers – Nike has recently succeeded in registering the trade mark FOOTWARE before the USPTO for computer software, computer hardware, cloud computing, etc. (see application here). This protection was sought and came along with a new line of highly technological trainers (such as the Self-Lacing Adapt BB) with the mark resulting from the contraction between the terms “footwear” and “software” (see further here, here and here). Even if this trade mark was accepted by the USPTO, it is not immediate that…

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