Hack Your Way to a Job in Legal Technology

A question more and more lawyers are asking these days is: How do I get a job in legal tech? It’s no surprise they’re asking it; legal tech is sexy and it beats the hell out of filing a request for documents for the millionth time. Over the past year, I’ve done a deep dive into legal technology and I’ve found some proven paths for lawyers to find jobs in legal technology. A note of warning: there aren’t as many jobs in legal tech as some lawyers hope. Most jobs at legal technology firms like LegalZoom or Clio are technology jobs, not legal jobs. Most of the opportunities in the legal tech space for lawyers come by way of entrepreneurship, which requires lawyers to carve their own path. These aren’t for the faint of heart.   Also, I’m excluding obvious or more traditional jobs like working as a legal counsel for a legal technology company or serving as an attorney for an emerging technology company. The following are key paths…

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