Guide to Fixing Google Penalties for Law Firm Websites

Law firm websites rely heavily on search engines for traffic. As a result, a Google penalty can hurt a site’s web presence by demoting its ranking among search results. Google is designed to reward websites that follow its guidelines and punish those that try to outsmart the system. Websites that violate basic SEO rules risk incurring penalties or being harmed by algorithm updates. There are many different reasons a law firm website may be penalized, such as keyword stuffing or duplicate content. Although Google penalties can be challenging to diagnose and fix, it is possible to recover from them. Here are some key steps lawyers can take to get their law firm websites back on track and restore search engine traffic. Diagnosing Google Penalties Knowing what Google penalty or algorithm change your law firm website has been hit with will help determine a strategy for recovery. A website’s drastic drop in organic search traffic can sometimes arise from a Google…

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