GuestPost: Is there really a problem with NPE litigation in Europe?

Number crunching the NPE patent litigationstats….A couple of weeks ago, the AmeriKat posted a summary of the Darts-IP report which investigated the number and frequency of NPE-related patent litigation disputes in Europe (on the basis of the available data).  As with the presentation of any data or statistics in an area as politically sensitive as NPEs, comments abounded about the data set, the presentation of the data and whether the conclusions from the report was just storm in patent litigation teacup or whether legislative action should be taken.Igor Nikolic, a final year Ph.D law student at University College London (UCL) who is concentrating on SEP licensing (as well as NPEs), wrote to the AmeriKat with his take on the study.  Take it away Igor: "Recently, Darts-IP has published a study on the non-practicing entity (NPE) litigation in the EU which seems to suggest that there is a growing issue with NPEs. The key finding is that between 2007 and 2017…

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