Guest post: Not So Cheerful About Varsity Brands (Best of 2017)

Originally published on Match 28, 2017.Marc Whipple of the Legal Inspiration! BlogThis is a special treat!  In our line of work it isn’t necessarily a compliment to call someone a “gentleman,” though “scholar” seems ok.  I’ve gotten away with it though from time to time… and this is one of those times again! Marc Whipple is a REAL IP lawyer and blogs at Legal Inspiration! (where — full disclosure — this post is being cross-posted), but is, to me on an almost daily basis, one my favorite Twitter interactors.  And, well, yeah.  He’s a gent.  And, of course, a scholar.  Because, of course, he’s published at LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®! No, seriously.  He’s a scholar.  An aesthete. An Eagle Scout (I’m just assuming that). He’s a darned patent lawyer! Also can write. Follow him on Twitter at @legalinspire.  But first read this. So last…

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