Griggs, Thomas, Low, & Scheibner on Blockchain and Conveyancing

Lynden Griggs (University of Tasmania), Rod Thomas (Auckland University of Technology – Faculty of Business & Law; University of Cambridge – Cambridge Centre for Property Law; European Law Institute; IPRA-CINDER), Rouhshi Low (Queensland University of Technology), James Scheibner (University of Tasmania) have posted Blockchains, Trust and Land Administration – The Return of Historical Provenance ((2017) 6 Property Law Review 180) on SSRN.  Here is the abstract: Electronic Conveyancing is here. But how will it evolve with the development of blockchains being touted as one means by which fraud in relation to land can be minimised, if not eliminated? Withcentralised land registries requiring expensive risk minimisation strategies such as a government-funded assurance fund, or the taking out of private title insurance, can blockchains provide a systemic level of security that can improve the land titles system, and lessen the need for other forms…

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