Graduating from law school debt-free

“Law school” and “debt-free” may seem like an oxymoron these days. Mainstream media and law school admissions blogs alike are filled with stories of newly-minted lawyers who are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and without an income adequate to pay off that debt. But I am here to tell you that it is not only possible—but entirely attainable—to graduate law school without any (or with only minimal) student loan debt. To start, you need to know a few things about me to understand how and why I made it to my last year of law school without any student loan debt. I am a “non-traditional” law student; that is, I did not come to law school directly out of undergrad. I completed my undergraduate education, started my career, got married, and had a daughter. This path for me was part planning and part fate. I applied to law school for the first time just one year after I graduated from the University of Miami. I excitedly filled…

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