Gordian Knot(weed)

Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd v Williams & Anor (2018) EWCA Civ 1514 Japanese knotweed nuisance cases – there are already many of these and (given the nature of the pestilential stuff) there will be more. In case you don’t know, Japanese knotweed is an invasive weed that is all but impossible to eradicate (and must be done by licensed organisations). It grows quickly through spreading underground rhizomes and can affect structures if growing within 7 metres of their foundations. It’s presence has to be disclosed on any sale of a property. This was an appeal of two knotweed nuisance cases, where neighbours had both claimed against Network Rail for the presence of knotweed on their land, arising from knotweed on Network Rail’s land. At first instance, the Judge had found for the claimants, but only on one aspect of the claims. The claims had been advanced on two basis: the ‘encroachment claim’, that knotweed had encroached on the…

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