Google cannot hide behind its algorithms, German court finds

The Higher Regional Court of Cologne had to decide upon a rather peculiar case that involved statements ‘made’ by Google’s search engine.The plaintiff in this case was born in 1945 and was convicted by a German criminal court for attempted theft together with a gang in 1995. Because of earlier, similar convictions, he received a 7-year prison sentence with a subsequent preventive custody. The plaintiff was never charged or sentenced for sex offences.While being held in preventive custody, the plaintiff brought a case against this practice to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), which ultimately led to a reform of the law on preventive custody in Germany and the release of the plaintiff from prison in 2011.When searching for the full name of the plaintiff on or, the search results brought up the following combination of Title, URL and snippet:„Nicht-Therapierbarer Sextäter greift Mädchen an – Politically…

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