Gonzales Invokes the Homer Simpson Defense

You just cannot make this stuff up. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales former chief of staff, D. Kyle Sampson, spends much of his Thursday deflating his former boss story about the eight fired U.S. Attorneys and how does the Attorney General respond? By issuing a written statement late in the day that essentially says this: Yes, Sampson may have been keeping me in the loop on the firings after all but I wasnt really paying attention (“never focused” was the exact phrase) to what he was saying. Its the Homer Simpson defense to the Kyle Sampson story and if this were a Little League game they would have invoked the 10-run rule by now and sent Gonzales go home to Texas to once again become a lucrative private attorney. But, alas, the Attorney General is still with us, at least for today, his credibility and reputation tattered and the wolves– not

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