Going To Court In Your Bankruptcy Case

Every bankruptcy debtor must attend the first meeting of creditors in their case. It’s usually the first and only time that your personal appearance is required. The meeting is nicknamed the “341 meeting” from the section of the Bankruptcy Code that requires it.  What’s the point of going to court The first meeting of creditors has two basic purposes: to have the debtor validate the information in the bankruptcy papers under oath, and to provide the trustee any information needed to determine exemptions or administer any non exempt assets. More about the role of a Chapter 7 trustee It’s also an opportunity for creditors, who are likely to take a financial hit in your bankruptcy case, to ask questions of the debtor.  Those questions must be limited to inquiries about assets and about debts. How does the first meeting of creditors work The trustee, not a judge, conducts the meeting and leads the questioning.  Creditors are invited but…

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