Going Through a Divorce And an Illness at the Same Time: Tips to Get Through It

Traumatic situations always seem to converge at the worst times. This is certainly your reality if you are simultaneously dealing with divorce and health issues. Both are tough to handle in the best of circumstances; together, they can make you feel hopeless about your future. No matter how terrible you feel at the moment, however, you canget through this. Read on to learn how: Seek New Sources of Emotional Support At one time, you turned to your spouse for support as you dealt with the emotional turmoil of your illness. If your ex has previously been your sole source of emotional solace, you may now feel tempted to stew on your own. This will only make matters worse. Reaching out is difficult, but ultimately, worthwhile. Seek support from close friends, family members, or a therapist. Their unwavering support could make all the difference at this difficult time. Continue to Follow Your Doctor’s Directions In the midst of divorce, it’s easy to neglect both your…

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