Go Above and Beyond Without Being a Pushover

Go above and beyond, but set some boundaries for the sake of Pete. Otherwise, you’ll end up swamped with work you never expected and unable to get your own things done. There is a “me” in “team”. “Remember when you were in high school and were assigned those obnoxious group projects? Well, I was the girl who you crossed your fingers and hoped would be assigned to your team. I’d come swooping in with my detailed timeline, my color-coded binder, and my already thorough background research and ensure that you had to do almost no work of your own. I’d rather have total control and do most of the project myself–which meant the rest of my team could sit back and soak in the glory of an easily earned good grade. That attitude followed me well into adulthood…I’m a “get things done” kind of girl and people appreciate it. But, it didn’t take me long to realize something…Your desire to knock…

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