Getting a Divorce When Your Spouse Is in Prison

Is divorce when your spouse is in prison possible? Getting a divorce when your spouse is in prison is not a topic we commonly discuss. Under normal circumstances, if you want a divorce in Texas, you will have to follow the procedures required by the state. Even under the most normal circumstances, the situation surrounding and leading to your divorce would be unique from that of others. However, you would still have to follow the same process that everyone has to go through in getting a divorce in Texas.     Divorce When Your Spouse is in Prison     What if you want to get a divorce but your spouse is in jail? It can be complicated to tackle any family law case when your spouse is in prison. If your spouse has been in prison for a long time, it’s possible that you may have lost touch, so getting a divorce can be more challenging than a normal divorce. Your spouse will also have limited ability to be present in mediations and hearings because of his or…

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