Get The IRS To Feed Your Savings

Lucky enough to get a tax refund this year? Then celebrate America Saves week by telling the IRS where to put it. I mean, where to deposit it. Refund jump starts savings A tax refund is the perfect place to boost your savings.  And you don’t have to choose between spending it all or saving it all. Turns out,  the IRS has a form (you knew they would, didn’t you?). Form 8888 allows you to split your refund between a savings account and your checking account. You can even use the form to buy U.S. Savings bonds. Or deposit it in your IRA or 401(k). You do have a retirement savings account, don’t you? If not, get with it and open one.  The average Social Security check is $1300, not enough to live comfortably in old age. Stand out with savings A frightening fraction of Americans don’t have  enough savings to pay for a $400 unexpected expense. Four hundred dollars isn’t much in today’s world.  And emergencies are seldom…

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