Get Ready: EmpowerLegal Offers Lawyers a New Way to Prep Clients

Lawyers spend lots of time and money on professional development, even in the few remaining states where continuing legal education is not mandatory. It’s because they want to be as prepared as possible to perform for their clients at the highest level. That makes sense. But, if you asked the average lawyer how much time she’s spent actively engaging in improving her client’s performance, the tally would pale in comparison with the number of hours the same lawyer spent prepping herself. In the best-case scenario, the attorney-client relationship is a partnership. So, maybe law firms should consider expending more resources in relation to client performance beyond the traditional preparation measures, which may not be the optimal choice for modern clients. Enter EmpowerLegal, a video-based client preparation tool for law firms and their clients. EmpowerLegal Employs Videos to Help Guide Clients EmpowerLegal grants lawyers access to proprietary video content…

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