Get a Crash Course from Your Expert

Some lawyers decide at the beginning of a case that they’ll never be able to understand what the expert is talking about, and they make no effort to do so. Bad plan! Regardless of the expert’s skill, it’s the lawyer’s responsibility to make sure that his or her expertise is presented to the trier of fact in an admissible and persuasive way. To do that, the lawyer needs to understand the expert’s testimony and field of expertise. Here are four ways to educate yourself fast. View the expert as a teacher. Eventually, you may want the expert to teach the judge or jury, but first learn from the expert yourself. Here’s how to do it: Ask questions. Ask when you don’t know the meaning of technical words or have no idea what the expert is talking about. Don’t worry if the same subject has been discussed or explained already. Just ask—even if that means burying your pride. If you don’t understand what the expert is saying, the…

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