Georgia is one of The Strictest DUI States in the Nation

The authorities take driving under the influence of alcohol seriously in all states. However, Georgia is one of the strictest DUI states in the nation. Georgia was identified as one of the most no-nonsense DUI states in a recent survey in WalletHub. Researchers looked at the drunk driving laws and the consequences of driving impaired in 50 states and Washington, D.C. The team used 15 key metrics such as minimum jail times for a first and second conviction, vehicle impound rates, and mandatory alcohol assessment. The research team considered criminal penalties and prevention policies. Georgia is one of the strictest DUI states Georgia was highlighted as one of the strictest DUI states. It was the second harshest in the nation. Arizona took the top spot. Georgia has an uncompromising approach to drunk driving. Offenders may be jailed for 10 days for a first conviction and 90 days for a second. DUI offenders also face the suspension of their driver’s licenses…

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