George Dreith — Remembering a Positive Force in the Fight Against Asbestos

The story of how George Dreith III was exposed to asbestos is an all-too-common tragedy. The story of how he responded to his mesothelioma diagnosis is a tale of hope and strength. George’s zest for life and composure during his final year forever marked his Illinois community, who still fight for asbestos prevention each year in his name. George was raised in a hardworking family in Alton, Illinois. His father was an aircraft mechanic, his mother worked at a dry cleaners, his uncle labored in the steel industry and his grandfather was in manufacturing. These diligent men and women instilled in George a work ethic he carried with him through high school, Western Illinois University, and into a successful career. Sadly, when George’s parents and relatives came home after demanding days of work, they were unaware that they had been exposed to asbestos. Before the dangers were finally publicized in the 1970s, many companies used asbestos to insulate their buildings and…

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