Geofence Warrants and Privacy Rights

Geofence warrants, also known as reverse location warrants, are new to the law enforcement toolbox. Now these warrants are quickly becoming recognized by law enforcement as an effective method to gathering evidence of crime.In some cases, evidence gathered by multi-step reverse location warrants is the only evidence available in the case. These warrants are also getting attention from the national media and soon could be heading to the SCOTUS for a show-down with our privacy rights and the Fourth Amendment's probable cause requirement.What is a Geofence Warrant?In recent years, police, investigating a crime with few or no clues, have increasingly turned to almighty Google to help them find the perpetrator. First, law enforcement issues a warrant to Google requesting data about any and all devices present within certain spatial and temporal parameters matching an unsolved crime.Google then responds to the multi-step warrant by transmitting to the requesting agency a log…

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