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by Neil H. BuchananFor years, the pundit Thomas L. Friedman has been the butt of jokes, rightly mocked for his pompously trivial writing.  From his op-eds in The New York Times to his books with silly/catchy titles (The World is Flat, The Lexus and the Olive Tree), his prose and his empty arguments have amounted to a relentless demonstration that middlebrow musings can pass for highbrow insights among far too many readers in this country.  That he has actually won multiple Pulitzer Prizes should make anyone who has won that award reconsider what matters in life.There are plenty of writers who are as bad as Friedman, but none combine the overweening sense of knowing how the world works based on no real expertise — but on a lot of conversations with taxi drivers in exotic places — with an overbearing moral superiority that would embarrass any person with an ounce of introspection.  Although Friedman remains an anti-Trumper, that appears to be based on…

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