GAO Offers Insight on Competitive Range Decisions & Protests

Federal procurements often include a competitive range of offerors seeking the contract award.  The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) competitive range procedure offers the agency an incremental stage in the competition where it can pare down a large pool of offerors into a narrow group consisting of only those proposals with a reasonable chance of receiving the award. But what qualifications are used to determine the offerors included in the competitive range?  And can you protest your firm’s improper exclusion from a competitive range? Let’s start with that second question.  Yes.  Your firm is absolutely entitled to protest an agency’s competitive range decision if it was made unfairly or not in accordance with the solicitation requirements.  In fact, competitive range proposals sometimes have a greater window for success.  There is much less heartburn involved for the agency in adding one more qualified offeror to the pool…

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