Fulwood Academy

Oct 03, 2011 – Orvia is proud to announce that we have committed to working with Fulwood Academy to deliver a Leadership and Management ILM qualification to all sixth form students. The aim of this is to give students a framework and theoretical understanding of the subject which will complement the additional subjects that Fulwood Academy offer outside the mandatory curriculum.

The programme will cover a number of topics such as leadership versus management, leadership styles, leading teams effectively, motivating staff, problem solving and decision making. The students will be assessed on these topics through practical, real life situations which will provide them with an excellent foundation for their future careers.

Janine Smith, director of enterprise and skills, said: ‘as a former leadership and management and business studies teacher I am very excited about the fact that we have secured this opportunity as it allows me to get back in the classroom. Due to my previous experience I am passionate about the delivery of these subjects and it is an honour to be able to work with a prestigious local academy such as Fulwood’.

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