“Full record now available for clemency reviews”

Paula Lehman-Ewing reported in Friday’s Daily Journal that Governor Newsom’s office last week “unsealed the remaining documents in the pardon file for former state Sen. Roderick Wright, who was pardoned by Gov. Jerry Brown in November.”  (Link added.) If the governor in fact opened up all the file documents, it would seem to exceed the Supreme Court’s March 13 order.  That order did require disclosure of some documents that Governor Brown wanted to keep private, but, as to others, it found a prevailing “interest in maintaining the confidentiality of specific personal information and attorney communications contained within the records.” The article says that the First Amendment Coalition, which filed the motion that led to the partial unsealing order, has similar motions pending in five other clemency matters, including one where the court blocked Governor Brown’s attempt to commute a life-without-parole murder…

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