FTC Issues Biennial Report to Congress on the National Do Not Call Registry The Federal Trade Commission has issued its biennial report to Congress focusing on the use of the National Do Not Call (DNC) Registry by both consumers and businesses and other organizations over the past two years. This year’s report includes: 1) a summary of current Registry operations; 2) a summary of the impact on the Registry of new telecommunications technologies; and 3) a discussion of the impact of the established business relationship exception in the Commission’s enforcement efforts. The DNC Registry currently has more than 229 million active registrations, an increase of more than 3.8 million registrations from the previous fiscal year (FY). According to the report, during fiscal year 2017, 2,259 businesses and other entities paid more than $12.6 million to access the Registry. Another 15,536 entities subscribed to access five or fewer area codes free of…

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