Frydrych on Hohfeld & Legal Realism

David Frydrych (National University of Singapore (NUS) – Faculty of Law) has posted Hohfeld vs. the Legal Realists on SSRN.  Here is the abstract: 2018 marks the centenary of Yale Law professor Wesley Hohfeld's untimely passing. His schema of jural relations is widely considered to be a permanent contribution to legal scholarship, and his first most famous work on the matter is among the most cited American law review articles of all time. In recent years, quite a few prominent legal historians and philosophers have identified Hohfeld as having been a Legal Realist. This article argues that he was no such thing, that his work need not be understood in such lights, and that he in fact made a much smaller contribution than is generally believed. While some might find that interesting in its own right, making the case against the Realist identification actually has greater implications. It requires addressing hitherto ignored evidence of key Realists'…

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