From IP practitoner to murder mystery author: Roz Watkins and "The Devil's Dice" (a pity about that patent attorney in the opening scene)

This Kat has long dreamed of writing a mystery novel, but IP seems to have always gotten in the way. Not so for one-time patent attorney Roz Watkins. Having studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge and later working as a partner at a firm of patent attorneys in Derby, Watkins decided to leave the patent profession, ultimately in favor of becoming a writer of mystery novels. On March 8th, her first book, “The Devil’s Dice,” was published by the well-known publisher, HarperCollins. The book (to be published in German in 2019 and with a television option by ITV Studios) is intended to be the first of a series featuring Detective Inspector (DI) Meg Dalton. Reviews, including by the Sunday Times, have been uniformly enthusiastic. This Kat takes the opportunity to offer his thoughts about the book as well as to share with Kat readers an interview with the author, as she tells her story of moving from patents to fictional murder. Kat ReviewThis Kat…

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