Frivolity Continues in Zynga-Vostu Battle

We reported a couple of months ago about game developer Zynga (developer of the super-popular Farmville and Cityville games) suing Brazil-based social game developer Vostu (see here) for alleged IP infringement. Zynga launched actions in California and Brazil. Vostu accused Zynga of launching a frivolous suit, and eventually countersued in California. However, Zynga has won an early skirmish and been granted a preliminary injunction relating to four of Vostu's games by the Brazilian court. This is not to say the battle is anywhere near over. Vostu maintains that Zynga is bringing meritless claims in order to freeze out competition. Coverage at Gamasutraand TechCrunch. Bookmarks: Delicious, Digg , Facebook, Google, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Yahoo

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