Friends with odious beliefs

It is sometimes painful and isolating to be a conservative student at a liberal law school.  This is bad news for the left.A few months ago, Yale Law School’s Federalist Society invited a speaker from the Alliance Defending Freedom, which successfully argued the Masterpiece Cakeshop case in the Supreme Court.  The invitation was condemned by multiple student groups, some officers of the Society received angry emails, and there were protests during the event.  Some students said that people who agreed with ADF should not be admitted to the law school.One of the Federalist Society leaders, a conservative Christian student, has now published a cri de coeur about his law school experience, which (aside from this episode) has, he says, involved persistent bullying and denunciations by progressive students.  “I came to Yale Law School feeling optimistic and grateful for the opportunity. I knew that I would be in the intellectual minority, but I hoped…

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