Fox Speaks: Risk Management in Government Contracting

I recently had the opportunity to present an online CLE for LawLine on Risk Management in Government Contracting. This is my second time presenting a course for LawLine (I previously taught a course on Small Business Compliance). Risk Management is a broad topic that can mean different things to different people. In this course, I decided to focus on practical steps that contractors can take to develop a corporate Culture of Compliance. There is little value in limiting compliance training to only the upper leadership – employees at all levels must become ethics and compliance watchdogs. I recommend developing a compliance program in four steps (that not coincidentally track the requirements of FAR 52.203-13): Implement a Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct Establish a Regular and Robust Training Program for All Employees Institute an Internal Control System Understand the Difference between Reportable and Non-Reportable Evidence To be effective, none…

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