Foster v National Collegiate Student Loan Trust 2007-4 – Redemptio ex machina: TSI Affidavit Machine Receives Judicial Bailout in Texas (and did not even pray for it, since it wasn't a party)

RADACK ROBOSIGNER REDUX: Chief of one of many courts of appeal in Texas takes swipe at 2017 CFPB enforcement action against Transworld Systems, Inc., promulgates TSI's affidavit template as a new standard to supplement the model BRA in the Texas Rules of Evidence. Cutting and pasting will do. Debt collection employee need not have knowledge of entity that created third-party records as long he can say he received them (Duh!) and that he relies on them in supporting litigation activities. Foster v National Collegiate Student Loan Trust 2007-4. ON TAKING THIRD-PARTY RECORD OUT OF HEARSAY BY RECEIVING THEM[TSI Affiant Dudley] Turner testified that it is TSI's regularly-conducted business practice to incorporate prior loan records and documentation into TSI's business records, and he is familiar with the process by which TSI receives prior account records, including origination records from the time that loans are requested and…

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