In the city of , ____________, ____________, the ______ (day) ____________ (month) __________________ 200 ____, before the presence of the witnesses who sign at the end of this document, appeared by one side, ________________________ “THE LESSOR”, and __________________ “THE TENANT”, in majority, able to agree and obligate themselves and they said that is their will, free of any coercion, to celebrate this lease agreeement, which is subject to the following CLAUSES First. “THE LESSOR” gives in lease and “THE TENANT” receives as such concept, in perfect conditions of use and at his/her/their whole satisfaction, the following real state ______________________________, which will be exclusively for COMMERCIAL SITE. Second. The duration of this contract will be of ____________ months, as it takes legal effects the ______ (day) ______ (month) 200 ____, ending the ______ (day) ______(month) 200 ____; so in the expiration date,…

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