Fordham 27 (Report 9): Biologics and Biosimilars

On a rainy Friday morning in New York at the Fordham IP Conference, the first patents session on the patent track was on Biologics and Biosimilars, moderated by John Lee  (Gilbert + Tobin, Sydney).Over to guest Kat, Amy Crouch (Simmons & Simmons), who reports on the session:"Cordula Schumacher (Arnold Ruess, Düsseldorf) kicked off the session by introducing the subject matter: “Biologics” are large, highly complex molecules produced by living cells and “Biosimilars” are not identical and only similar, due to the use of different cell cultures and different manufacturing conditions.  Importantly there is no automatic substitution between these types of products.   Biological medicines made up 7 of the top 10 best-selling drugs in the EU in 2017 (see slide – top, right).Development and manufacture of biosimilars are extremely expensive in comparison to that of generic medicines and more marketing is often also required to…

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